Five mental benefits of dance

Dance in developing creativity

When we allow our bodies to buckle to the beat of music, we allow our minds to work freely. We don’t need language; we just need to feel and express it physically in our body. This is when spontaneity and creativity unleash and new paths open up. We will find new answers to our problems and our minds are wandering new paths.

Peter Lovatt, director of the Dance Psychology Laboratory at the University of Hertfordshire, did a study that confirmed that dancing helps the brain find new ways of thinking and to create new neural pathways.

Dance to connect

Through dance, we can connect with our inner self. Through dance we can to express feelings of which we may not even be aware. It frees us the ballast we carry. It allows us to get to know ourselves through a different language.

However, dance not only makes it possible to connect with oneself, but it also has the social side that gives us the opportunity to get to know others. It connects people of all ages and gives a common language to people from all over the world. Above all dance brings together people who all have different preferences and personalities, connecting them all with music and rhythm.

Improves state of mind and self-esteem

When you dance, your mind is free to forget all your problems and focus only on movement. Dance also releases dopamine and serotonin, chemicals that reduce stress and increase the feeling of happiness. Many studies support the hypothesis that dance can alleviate physical pain such as headaches and back pain. It can also reduce some depression symptoms.

Through dance, we can connect our bodies, minds and souls, improve connection into ourselves as well as strengthen self-esteem. Couple or group dance also increases contact and confidence to other people. By letting go of barriers and letting creativity prevail on the dance floor we open the doors within us so that we can love ourselves a little more.

Makes the brain age more slowly

A study by M. Joe Verghese (2003) showed that dance is good for nerve synapses, slowing the decrease in hippocampal volume, which is part of aging. So it helps to protect the brain in the long run. Verghese also found in his other studies that dance stimulates the central nervous system and brain function.

Now that you know all the psychic benefits of dancing, enjoy music, free your mind and protects your brain from the effects of time. Think of dance as an opportunity to be creative. Release your feet as music and dance make your heart sing.

"The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music. Bodies never lie."

~ Agnes George de Mille

Source: Tanssin viisi psyykkistä hyötyä - Mielen Ihmeet