Pricing and Dance Info


Please sign up for classes in advance either by email or by phone. Remember to return your registration form to the school within one week of starting, all sections carefully filled in. Your enrolment is binding and valid until 29 May 2022, unless the reserved study place is cancelled in time in accordance with the education rules. Also remember to fill in the change form whenever your data changes (name, e-mail, tel. no., address, etc.). When you enroll in classes, you accept the rules of the dance school. Please read the rules carefully.


You can choose a period fee, tuition fee, one-time fee, dance card or offer card.


As a rule, all payments must be paid at the schools by debit- or credit-cards or cash. (Visa Electron, Visa, MasterCard, Amex). If you are unable to attend physically, you can pay safely with iZettle or MobilePay. Payment Links are a secure and easy option for everyone involved. You can also use SmartumPay.


You can use Smartum benefits for your own studies. In other words, this benefit is personal, i.e. you can only pay for your own studies.


The period fee enables you to complete a semester of studies in several instalments. The period fees are staggered according to the duration of the hour and the number of exercises. The more often you practice, the cheaper it will be for you.

Periods of the fall/autumn season: I: 23.8.-19.9., II: 20.9.-17.10., III: 18.10.-14.11., IV: 15.11.-12.12.2021.

Periods of the spring season: I: 10.1.-6.2., II: 7.2.-6.3., III: 7.3.-3.4., IV: 4.4.-1.5., V: 2.5.- 29.5.2022.

There are no half-month or part-month prices, but singular classes are paid as single payments. Please take the period card with you to each class you attend! When a new period starts, you will receive an entry on the card. There are no family discounts on period fees. If you wish to cancel a period a written cancellation is required in 14 days before the next episode starts. E-mail and/or letter directly to the office is the best way. Oral notification to the teacher is not accepted. See substitution of absences. Period payments are always accomplished at the beginning of each episode!


Tuition fees are staggered according to the duration of the classes and the number of exercises. The more often you practice, the cheaper it will be for you. Tuition fee for the autumn/fall term will be paid by 12th September 2021 and the tuition fee for the spring semester will be paid by 29th of January 2022. If you wish to pay the tuition fee in two instalments, the second instalment will be paid in autumn/fall by 12th of October 2021 and spring by 28th of February 2022. After that payments can be paid only as period-, card- or single fees. Tuition fees include a 7% discount on gross totals. Please note that tuition fees are non-refundable in the middle of the season, except on the basis of a medical certificate due to injury.

All semester discounts are precalculationed to the price list. If you wish to change your payment method, e.g. as a single or period fee, please let us know in written. E-mail and/or a letter to the office are the best ways. Oral notification to the teacher is not accepted. See substitution of absences.


Absences are not refunded in money, but in a similar class that suits your level or by trying another dance type. Be sure to check with the teacher that the credit class is at the right level for you. When you know you're leaving e.g. for a holiday, you can make up for your studies in advance. In order to allow group members to fully train pupils who have booked a study place commit to their dance classes throughout the academic year.


During the academic year, courses and workshops are organised to complete and support other dance studies. If the course is not for the entire semester or academic year, the course or workshop has its own price.


The dance card is intended for irregular lesson studies for adult students: 30-60min. 10x 145€ and 75-90min. 10x 180€. The cards are valid for 12 weeks from the date of purchase. Please take the dance card with you to each class you attend! Your dance card is personal.


Offer dance cards 45-60min. 10 x 76€ or 5 x 42€ are valid for 12 weeks. Please take the offer dance card with you to each class you attend! Your offer dance card is personal. Please remember that offer cards cannot be renewed after the end of the period of use.


As a new student, you can try one (1) dance lesson free of charge to get to know the content of the dance type and find the one you like best. If you decide to continue your hobby, the first (1st) lesson will be viewed, i.e. the period, tuition and dance card fees will start from that lesson.


Tampereen Balettiopisto has separate payment agreements with companies and entities offering special benefits to its employees. Ask about possible contracts at your workplace!


A family discount of 15% is available for tuition fees for another (2nd) and the following family members who are living in the same household. Family discounts are precalculationed to the price list. Student & pensioner discounts only on period fees, not tuition fees.


If close studies/contact teaching cannot be arranged safely, the studies can temporarily move to exceptional teaching arrangements, such as distance learning.


You are obligated to notify Tampereen Balettiopisto immediately of any change in your data by e-Mail and/or written letter. Parents/Guardians of children under the age of 18 are obliged to report changes in their dependents' information directly to the office of Tampereen Balettiopisto.

In payments and any kind of change matters information reaches us easiest by E-mail: